Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Beware Of PlusNet Broadband (Follow Up)

If you are looking for a new Broadband Provider or your first Broadband Provider and live in the UK then Beware Of PlusNet Broadband.

In my last post Beware Of PlusNet Broadband I wrote about how PlusNet were trying to rip the wife and I off for our service last month by adding phantom usage that we had not used and how they were trying to add phantom usage onto this Month.  We got a reply to our complaint and are basically trying to fob us off by saying that we've used something that uses the same Port as there Broadband phone service and so we are going to get 1% of our usage accredited to something that we have not used because something is set to use the exact same Port as what they have assigned to there Broadband phone service, and that the 1% of our allowance used on streaming is down to visiting a website that has got video on it, and since we haven't visited any websites that have auto playing video this month it's impossible to have used 1% of our allowance on streaming as they claim.

I've replied to their response to our complaint saying that they are just making up the usage figures and that they are classing non routable ip traffic as routable ip traffic.

I'll update with another post once they get back to us.

So in closing Beware Of PlusNet Broadband.

Rant over




  1. There are more complications since IP allows a great deal of mobility. For example, a broadband connection can be used to dial a virtual private network that is employer-owned. When this is done, the IP address being used will belong to the range of the employer, rather than the address of the ISP, so this could be many kilometres away or even in another country. To provide another example: if mobile data is used, e.g., a 3G mobile handset or USB wireless broadband adapter, then the IP address has no relationship with any physical location, since a mobile user could be anywhere that there is network coverage, even roaming via another cellular company.

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