Saturday, 28 March 2015

How I Use My Chromebook

As a Blogger my Chromebook is used on a daily basis for writing articles, as it's light and got a long battery life it goes with me when I'm on the road, the fast boot up and little in the way of maintenance required allows me to be productive in a relatively short amount of time.

Mini Bluetooth Keyboard & Trackpad Review

After using my HP Stream 7 Windows Tablet for a few months I was having repeated problems selecting multiple files in Explorer or multiple Emails in Microsoft Outlook, so I made the decision to look for a Mini Bluetooth Keyboard & Trackpad on eBay.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Chrome OS App Launcher To Receive Google Now Make Over

The Chrome OS App Launcher is to receive another update, after the last update that moved the start Men styled App Drawer to a more central App Launcher/Search engine will be given a splash of material design as well as get Google Now cards which until now have only been available in the Notification Centre.


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