Saturday, 28 March 2015

How I Use My Chromebook

As a Blogger my Chromebook is used on a daily basis for writing articles, as it's light and got a long battery life it goes with me when I'm on the road, the fast boot up and little in the way of maintenance required allows me to be productive in a relatively short amount of time.

For a Blogger being limited to doing a lot of things online only doesn't cause too much inconvenience since when I'm at home I'm always online and when I'm on the road I can get online with my mobile WiFi hotspot, and for the times when I'm out of data allowance on my hotspot I can use Google Docs in offline mode to write articles and then copy and paste them into Blogger and add Labels and pictures e.t.c. and post when I'm back online. When I was using Windows 7 I used to use Windows Live Writer for posting to my old WordPress Blog as it was a capable client for writing posts offline.

For anything other than Web browsing, watching YouTube videos and Blogging my go to device is my HP Stream 7 Windows 8.1 tablet, I tend to take my HP Stream 7 with me more places than my Chromebook when I'm not intending to write an article for the Blog as it's more compact and lighter, and when I'm not intending to write a Blog article I'm ether playing Windows 8 games Like Asphalt 8 or FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, or working in Final Draft or the old Celtx Desktop client. But if I do decide to write an article for the Blog I can ether use Blogger in Internet Explorer or use word to write up the article, upload it to OneDrive then download it to my Chromebook for finishing off in Blogger and posting.

My Chromebook is my main computer for 99.99% of my daily workload but it's just not able to replace my HP Stream 7 for the remaining 1% of what I do daily, this is no bad thing as about half of that 1% of what I do is usually things that I want to do when I want to kick back and relax and the other half I could quite easily do in Word online or Google Docs but the fact that the two apps that I use on my Stream 7 are dedicated to those tasks so make it far simpler than having to find pre-made templates or making my own templates in Word online or Google Docs.


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