Friday, 27 March 2015

Chrome OS App Launcher To Receive Google Now Make Over

The Chrome OS App Launcher is to receive another update, after the last update that moved the start Men styled App Drawer to a more central App Launcher/Search engine will be given a splash of material design as well as get Google Now cards which until now have only been available in the Notification Centre.

This new look will give it more of a Google Now styled feel, as well as bringing your Google Now cards more to your attention as they'll be viable whenever you open the App Launcher instead of having to specifically open the Notification Centre to view them, and also cuts down on you accidentally clearing them when you clear a Notification.
Current Chrome OS App Launcher layout

New Google Now styled App Launcher
As you can see from the pictures above that the new styled App Launcher which is the bottom of the two pictures looks more productive than the current style App Launcher. It's currently not clear what the release schedule is for the new look App Launcher as its been reported on OMG Chrome that the new look is rolling out on the Beta Channel already, but I'm on the Dev Channel and have not received this new style yet, and the Dev Channel usually gets new features before the Beta Channel.


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