Monday, 3 March 2014

iPearl mCover Hard Shell Case for Acer C720 / C720P series Chromebook Review (Part 2)

iPearl mCover Hard Shell Case for 11.6in Acer C720-C720P series Chromebook Colours

The iPearl mCover Hard Shell Case comes well packed. Not only does each individual piece come individually wrapped for protection, but it comes in a thick plastic bag that can be used as a pouch for the C720.

Installation went like a breeze and the Covers hold on pretty well considering that the C720 has some unusual design elements. even though I've got the mCover on my C720 I still keep it in the original fabric pouch that it's wrapped in along with keeping the fabric sheet that protects the screen from the Keyboard, I also keep it in the plastic pouch that the mCover came in. Since the pouch that the mCover comes in has a handle it makes it easy to pull my C720 out of the Laptop Messenger bag that I use to keep my Chromebook along with accessories and the charger.

Using the iPearl mCover for a week

After using the iPearl mCover on my C720 for a week I've got to say that it adds a good layer of protection without adding extra weight or obscuring the ports. I managed to get a slight but noticeable scuff on the rear right comer of my C720 and after adding the mCover it totally obscures the scuff thanks to the dark but translucent base cover. The lid cover is opaque but translucent enough that the Acer and Chrome branding still show through, the bottom cover is totally translucent.

The mCover definitely adds a noticeable layer of protection without sacrificing any of the stylish looks of the C720 or adding any noticeable weight. even though the rear of the C720 is left un-protected  to allow for the C720 to open and not obscure the rear vent, along with the sides being left un-protected to allow easy access to all the ports it still will give protection to the sides and rear of the C720.

The bottom cover has loads of ventilation hole. The front feet are made from Silicone rubber while the rear feet are made of the same material as the cover but do have a soft touch feel to them to aid in gripping to a table. There is a nice bonus on the bottom of the cover in the form of two-fold down legs that are positioned just in-front of the rear feet and slightly in from the edge of the cover.

The fold down feet allow for a more comfortable angle for the keyboard for typing, to add a slight raised position of the screen when using the C720 on a desk ether while using an external keyboard, mouse & external screen or if just using the C720 with an external screen.


The iPearl mCover is definitely worth getting if you want to protect your C720 or if you want to add a splash of colour to your C720. With a choice of 9 colours there is definitely a colour that will suit anyone.

Would I recommend the iPearl mCover 

When it comes to recommending a cover for the Acer C720 then I'd definitely recommend the iPearl mCover as it's the only cover available that's not a pouch or a sleeve.

The mCover is a case that will add a splash of colour to any C720 and allow you to give your C720 a personal touch that goes way beyond just the Desktop Wallpaper while still keeping the sleek stylish looks of the C720 as well as adding a minimal amount of weight and minimal bulk, but also adding a very noticeable amount of protection.

the iPearl mCover is definitely worth the £19.99GBP price tag on Amazon, and I can see myself using the mCover for the life of my C720 as it's the only cover on the market, but it'd be nice to see some of the folio cases that are available for Mac Laptops along with some of the other hard shells available for Macs having Chromebook versions as well.

A keyboard cover is now a sorely missed piece of protection for Chromebooks.




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