Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Chrome OS In The Future

google-chromebook-logo With Samsung launching the Chromebook 2 in 11.6" and 13" varieties and the Education focused Chromebooks from new Chrome OS OEM's Dell and Lenovo, what's the future got in store for Chrome OS? The  Lenovo ThinkPad 11e yoga looks the most interesting of the new entrants to the Chromebook market, and could be the Chromebook that kickstarts the idea of having a Chrome OS Tablet in the future. We've already got Chromebooks, Chromeboxes & LG launching an iMac styled Chromebase then a Chrometab seems to be the obvious progression in the evolution of Chrome OS.

What I'd like to See in Chrome os in the future

With Google hinting at introducing an Easy Unlock feature, what would I like to see in the future of Chrome OS?

I'd like to see a way to integrate OneDrive, Box & Dropbox into the files app and improvements to the Offline capabilities of Google Drive.

Yesterday April 29 Acer announced an as yet unnamed Chromebook that will be powered by an intel Core i3-4005U running at 1.7GHZ and boast intel HD4400 grapics. as yet there is no word on a release date, price, amount of RAM or storage size, source OMG Chrome.



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