Sunday, 8 June 2014

My Current Chrome OS Desktop App Drawer Layout (June 2014)

Desktop 2A

In this post I'll describe the layout of my Chromebook Desktop with a full description to why I've chosen the layout etc.

The Wallpaper is the stock one from the Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite Developer beta 1 (also that was used in the WWDC OS X Keynote), if you want to use this Wallpaper then just Google OS X Yosemite Wallpaper.

I'm using the OS X Yosemite Wallpaper as I find it more visually appealing than the Stock Wallpapers that come with Chrome OS.

I'm using the Notifier for Twitter Chrome Extension as my current twitter Client, as even though it's meant to be a Chrome Notification extension for Twitter it has a nice drop down Client that can be detached from Chrome and pinned to the Chrome OS Shelf. The Notifier for Twitter Desktop Client can be docked to ether of the left or right Dock ports of the Chrome OS Desktop, the Chrome OS Notifications are handy if you have the Client minimized.

Notifier for Twitter Client & Desktop Notifications
Notifier for Twitter Client & Desktop Notifications
On the System tray side of the Chrome OS Shelf I've got the Google Hangouts extension open & minimized for quick access. unfortunately Google have decided that it's not a good idea to give Google Hangouts the ability to be pinned to the Shelf, meaning that every time Chrome OS is booted.

For a full tour of my Chrome OS Shelf then please see this post.

I've got my App Drawer organized into categorised and alphabetically sorted folders instead of one big list of short-cuts.


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