Sunday, 20 July 2014

What Does Apple Discontinuing iPhoto & Aperture For Mac Mean For iPhotoOn iOS


iPhoto has been the standard for working with photos while Aperture has been Apples professional photo editor on a Mac for years, but with the recent announcement that iPhoto and Aperture will be discontinued in favour of Photos on Mac when OS X 10.10 is released although both will still continue to work on OS X 10.10 at least what does it mean for iPhoto on iOS?


iPhoto on Mac is a simple Photo Organizing and Editing Application for Mac that allows you to organize your photos into albums as well as do simple editing tasks like what the photo preview app on windows and the photo gallery feature of the Chrome OS browser allows you to do.


Aperture is Apples professional Photo Editor and is similar to Adobe PhotoShop in that it gives you more editing features compared to iPhoto.


iPhoto on iOS is a more feature rich version of the stock Photos App that focuses more on creating themed sharable web albums over organizing your photos into local albums.

With the demise of iPhoto and Aperture on Mac what does this mean for iPhoto on iOS, will Apple keep the iOS version of iPhoto or will they abandon it all together in favour of the iOS Photos App? My guess is that they'll abandon it all together as OS X 10.10 and iOS 8 seem to be converging certain aspects of iOS and OS X, whether they remove it from the App Store meaning that it can't be installed or reinstalled with the release of iOS or just leave the current version up while ever it's still available for OS X, but as this is all speculation on my part Apple could still leave it available for iOS and keep updating it.

I'd rather that Apple integrate the features of iPhoto into the iOS Photos App and end iPhoto as iPhoto has some good features that Photos doesn't have, but it's not worth having an extra photos App installed.

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