Sunday, 30 November 2014

Advent HB212 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub Review

The Advent HB212 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub is tiny yet Advent have managed to fit 4 full size USB Ports onto it, as well as make it fully mains Powered rather than Bus Powered thanks to using a Mini USB Port to connect to your Desktop or Laptop & a tiny plug for the mains lead makes it possible to fit everything into a small form factor.

Anther space saving technique that Advent have used is to put three USB Ports along one side of the Hub, a forth on one end and the Mini USB input for connection to a Computer and the Mains input on the other end.

Three of the 4 USB Ports
Forth USB Port

Mini USB Out & Mains In

The size and layout is ideal for my Desk setup as it'll be fixed to the under side of my desk with my Laptop docking station will use one port, and possibly my Headset and Keyboard & mouse dongle taking up another two leaving 4 Ports on my docking station free & my USB 3.0 Port on my Laptop free for use by USB 3.0 devices.

After doing a quick test before installing the Hub under my Desk I plugged it into my Chromebook and plugged a couple of USB Flash Drives into it and they were detected and mounted meaning that this Hub can also be Bus Powered,  making it portable as well. For my usage I'll be powering it from mains as I'll require more power for my Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, my headset as well as daisy chaining the 4 Port USB Hub on my docking station as well as powering the 3 cooling fans & remaining Port on the Hub itself will require as much power as I can supply which will be more than what the USB Port on my Chromebook will be able to supply.


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