Wednesday, 26 November 2014

My Current Chrome OS Desktop App Drawer Layout (Late November 2014)

In this post I'll describe the layout of my Chromebook Desktop with a full description to why I've chosen the layout etc.

The Wallpaper is taken from the 2014 EIHL Play-Off Final when my home team The Sheffield Steelers beat the League Champions The Belfast Giants 3-2 in Overtime. Since it's now the Hockey Season I thought it quite fitting to go with a Hockey themed wallpaper.

Desktop with TweetDeck by Twitter & Google Hangouts open

I'm using TweetDeck by Twitter as my Twitter client, having just recently switched back from using the Notifier for Twitter extensions Twitter client as I found that having to open Chrome up constantly to be able to bring the client on screen even though I'd got it pinned to my shelf a little annoying & made me tend not to bother looking on Twitter too often.

Since Google turned the Hangout extension into a proper app it's gained a rightful place on my Shelf replacing the Hangouts Call app.

Day to Day use Desktop Layout

In daily use my Desktop looks like the Screenshot above as I only really have Hangouts open when I need access to my contacts list or got some conversations on going, so I just minimize Hangouts the rest of the time so that I can still receive Hangouts Notifications.

For a full tour of my Chrome OS Shelf then please see this post. In that post it says that I'm using Notifier for Twitter, but I've just recently changed to TweetDeck by Twitter while taking Screenshots for this Article

I've got my App Drawer organized into categorised and alphabetically sorted folders instead of one big list of short-cuts.

App Drawer Page 1

App Drawer Page 2

I may do a What's In My App Drawer Article at some point in the future, but it'd probably take me an age to go through every app that I've got installed. Also some of the apps I don't even use any more, or haven't even got round to using since I downloaded them.


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