Thursday, 4 December 2014

iPearl mCover For Acer C720/C720P Chromebook Follow-up (Part 2)

After my last Article in this series I'm still kind of having trouble with iPearl, this time with iPearl Europe. Below is the current Email conversation that I've had with iPearl Europe.

To who it may concern,
I bought an iPearl mCover for my Acer C720 from the iPearl UK Amazon web store, and it's developed a couple of serious issues recently.
The left hand fold down leg has lost the ability to stay folded up due to the plastic plate that holds it up has broken off & a piece of plastic has broken off the rear right hand cover has broken off meaning that the cover doesn't look as stylish as it once did.
I've not subjected the cover to any form of heavy impact or a drop of any kind, as I take care of all of my tech equipment so I can't understand how it has managed to break in these two places.
Mr. Roland Hurt

Hi Roland,
Could you give us your order number ?

My order number is: xxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx
Mr. Roland Hurt

Okay, we will send you a plastic suooprting foot of Acer C720 case.
We are sorry for any unconvinence that has caused. 

The supporting foot is not the problem, its the piece of plastic that holds the foot in place that's the problem as it has snapped off somehow which is stopping it from holding in place when folded up.
Mr. Roland Hurt 

Since my last message to iPearl Europe on the 27th of November I've not heard anything back from iPearl and not received the supporting foot that they said they were sending, even though it's not the supporting foot that is at fault but the piece of plastic that is supposed to hold the foot in place that has completely snapped of of the base of the cover meaning that it wont hold in place when not needed.

After taking the base of the cover off to take a couple of photos for this article I've noticed that the piece of plastic on the other side of the cover is starting to fail as the supporting foot is starting to feel a bit loose when it's folded up.

Right hand side of base with supporting foot & plastic retention plaet

Left hand side of base with supporting foot & plastic retention plate missing

Also in both pictures you can clearly see a difference in the corners where a chunk of the right hand corner has broken off even though it's not received any impact on the corner.

I'll be sending a link to this Article to both iPearl & iPearl Europe.

I'll update this series should anything develop or not as the level of customer service seems pretty poor considering there a multi national company.


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