Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Why I Switched To The 11.6" Acer C720 Chromebook

For as long as I've been using Laptop & Notebook Computers I've used Desktop Replacements with large Screens, the smallest screened laptop I've used was a 10" Advent Netbook that I used for a few years when I needed a new laptop pretty quick.

The last Desktop Replacement Laptop I got was a 15.6" Toshiba Satellite C660-15R, Although it's a decent Machine with plenty of Power,more RAM than my current Laptop and a 1TB Toshiba HDD that I installed, and it's even capable of running the Windows 10 Technical Preview it's very heavy on the shoulder to carry around, especially when you factor in things like the Power Supply and a few other Accessories.

With it being a Windows Laptop it also is time consuming installing all of the updates that come its way via Windows Update, even if I switched to Linux on it it'd still be time consuming to keep up to date. So it's been relegated to a Desktop Replacement that I can remote Desktop into if I need it, or just open the lid and use it as a Laptop for PhotoShop, Premier Pro & Visual Studio and iTunes.

I've relegated this fine if not beastly machine to a Desktop Replacement in favour of an Acer C720 Chromebook. with the slim and light design of the Acer C720 I've got plenty of space on my Desk for a lamp, pictures and a space to write on while using a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse on the Keyboard tray.

When I need to take it on the road it's light and with the various other Accessories and the bag itself is way lighter than my Toshiba, Power Supply and bag.

I've been using the Acer C720 as my main Desktop & Travel Computer since January of this year and thanks to the lightweight nature of Chrome OS it performs just as well as my slightly better specced Windows Laptop, but out performs it in battery life, and the silent Automatic Updates mean that using it isn't as much of a pain as having to ether manually update and having to reboot the Laptop to finish off installing and lose what you were working on.

Even though there is a trade off between Power and Portability I'm now 100% confident that the trade off was worth it, even though I can't natively use PhotoShop or Premier Pro and I've got to use Microsoft Office Online or Google Drive instead of using a local copy of Microsoft Office. These are sacrifices that are well worth it for the lightweight & portability coupled with the long battery life, and as I spend 99.9% of my time ether Blogging, web browsing or watching YouTube videos then it really doesn't matter as I've also got a Windows machine that I can Remote Desktop into should I need PhotoShop, Premier Pro or Microsoft Visual Studio.


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