Saturday, 2 October 2010

Microsoft sues Motorola over Android phones

After reading this article on the BBC News website I can't help but wonder who will be next on Microsoft's hit list, will they go after Research In Motion over their Blackberry Smartphones and say that RIM have infringed some obscure Microsoft Patent on Push email or the use of a Homescreen that lists your upcoming calendar appointments, emails/SMS messages and your upcoming tasks.  Microsoft are as bad as News Corp/ BSkyB at trying to crush any competition.

I'm betting that the next two to be involved in a law suit will be RIM and Apple over the BlackBerry Homescreen and iPhone/iPod Touch Homescreen having a launcher bar at the bottom of them.

Why does every company have to be so greedy and want to take the competition down.  These patients that Microsoft are alleging have been infringed have not technically been infringed by Motorola and  instead have been infringed by Google as they are the ones that have put contact, calendar and email synchronizing into Android not Motorola so doesn't that mean that Microsoft should go after Google and not Motorola?

Rant over


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