Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Spam Comments On Blogs (Follow Up)

I'm having this rant today because when I checked my Blog this morning I found out that WordPress had found three lots of Spam Comments.

When I checked the Spam folder I found out that the Spam Comments were the same, just on three separate Posts, and these comments were all advertising the same Porn website.

Now I have no problems with people looking at Porn if they want, but what I have a problem with is advertising this porn in comments on my Blog especially when none of the posts that were subjected to were even talking about Internet porn.

Luckily WordPress has a spam filter so I was not notified that I had got Comments that needed approving.  I know people use Blogger because they can make money from using Google Adsense to advertise on their Blog which makes it superior to WordPress but if Blogger doesn't filter comments then I'm glad that I chose WordPress even though I can't bake any money from my Blog I can at least stop crap infesting my Blog in Comments.

Rant over


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