Monday, 31 January 2011

OpenSuse 11.4 Milestone 6 Released

With the announcement that OpenSuse 11.4 has hit Milestone 6 I thought that I would start a series of posts on penSuse 11.4 M6.

The OpenSuse 11.4 Portal can be found here, the openSuse 11.4 M6 press release can be found here and finally the OpenSuse 11.4 M6 iso can be downloaded from here.

The big news with OpenSuse 11.4 is that it will include KDE 4.6.0, this is a welcomed addition as OpenSuse 11.3 was supposed to include KDE 4.5 but it never made it into the release and it had to be installed as a software update that  could never get to work properly.

OpenSuse 11.4 M6 is availablee to download now from, OpenSuse 11.4  RC1 is scheduled for release on 02/10/11 and the final release is scheduled for release in March.

Once My download allowance resets on 02/03/11 I'll download 11.4 M6 and install it on my Netbook so watch this space for a full review of openSuse 11.4 M6 soon. In the mean time visit the OpenSuse 11.4 Portal and download the OpenSuse 11.4 M6 iso and create your very own OpenSuse 11.4 M6 DVD and try out this release of OpenSuse.

In the meantime feel free to talk about everything relating to in the OpenSuse 11.4 M6 thread in my forum



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    Waiting for your next post...

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  2. Thanx for the comment. I've bookmarked your blog and will check it out. The next post in the seiries will come on hur hopefully, if not then as soon as I've got the iso downloaded and burnt to DVD.




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