Monday, 31 January 2011

The rolandh31 forums

As my forum at doesn't seem to be generating quite as much interest or registered users only 2 apart from my user account and a test user account that I use for testing changes out, I'm giving the forums until the end of March to generate registered users and   active threads other than the ones that I'm starting to try and get people using the forums.

If things don't change by the end of March then I'll discontinue the  forums and just concentrate on the blog.

I'd like to give my loyal blog readers the chance to change outcome of my forums, the blog has had a huge surge in viewers/visitors with 200 hits yesterday and as I write this post I'm on a record breaking 533 hits on my site which is the biggest ever recorded hits since I started the blog and would like the forums to have a shot at the success that the blog is currently having.

So readers please register and use the forums and prove to me that they deserve a chance at success.


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