Monday, 12 November 2012

Beware Of PlusNet Broadband (Follow up Part 4)

If you are looking for a new Broadband Provider or your first Broadband Provider and live in the UK then Beware Of PlusNet Broadband.

In this post I'll be  commenting about my reply that I got from PlusNet  about the complaint I made about the random disconnection from the Internet when using Wi-Fi that we were suffering.

I am still awaiting a reply from PlusNet about the random Internet disconnection that we were suffering that I commented on in my last post, but the random disconnection  from the Internet has cleared up.

The re-classification of our usage breakdown seems to have started again as we had 1% of our allowance used on Streaming 2% of our allowance used on Peer-to-peer when I last wrote an update, this has now changed to 1% of usage on Streaming & 2% on Other.

I have submitted a complaint on the poor level of Customer Service.

I'll update as soon as I receive any replies from PlusNet Customer Services.

So in closing Beware Of PlusNet Broadband.

Rant over



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