Sunday, 29 September 2013

Why I've Decided To Move Back To Wordpress From Blogger

After spending the last couple of years experimenting with using Blogger as my Blogging Platform and most of this year not Blogging I've decided to come back to WordPress as my chosen Platform as I felt that with using Blogger it was hard to get a decent daily viewership to hat I'd become accustomed to when I was regularly using WordPress.

Also I found Blogger a bit limited with what you could do in the way of customizing your Blog without having to resort to HTML & XML code and a lot of the themes are Premium compared to over here on WordPress.

Blogger is the ideal Platform if you can dedicate your time to working at getting the best out of it, but it can be a bit hard to get a decent Google Search rank for articles compared to using WordPress which strikes me as a little odd as Blogger is owned by Google you would think that it would Rank Blogger articles higher than WordPress articles, in the past I've spent more time on trying to tweak the title of articles using Blogger than what it has taken me to write the article only for Google to not Rank it at all where as with WordPress I find that a couple of tweaks of the article title can get an article Ranked at the top of the first page depending on the topic.

I'm probably now going to spend most of my time getting all the Google Authorship stuff sorted out for my WordPress Blog and start enjoying Blogging again.



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