Wednesday, 27 November 2013

My Move From Windows 8.1Pro With Media Centre To Ubuntu 13.10 (Part 1)


In this new series I'll be documenting my move away from Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Centre to Ubuntu Linux 13.10.

In th is first part I'll explain some of the reasons for my move away from Windows 8.1 Pro to Ubuntu Linux 13.10 & why I decided to go with Ubuntu 13.10.

Why I decided to go with Ubuntu 13.10

I decided to go with Ubuntu 13.10 as I'd already got the 64 Bit Ubuntu 13.10 DVD image on my HDD along with DVD image of Pear OS 8 that is a Mac OSX themed version of Ubuntu.  So after I burned both images to DVD's I booted up my trusty Toshiba Satellite C660-15R Laptop that I've had since 2010 with the freshly burned Pear OS 8 DVD in the DVD Drive and booted into Live mode and gave Pear OS 8 a quick look, but despite it looking very much like Mac OSX the icons don't look anything like the ones that Apple use in OSX as the Developers of Pear OS decided to use an iOS styled icon set, & the Windows buttons are too small compared to the OSX ones.

I then re-booted to the Live Ubuntu 13.10 session with the Ubuntu 13.10 DVD and preferred the more slick & polished look of Ubuntu compared to that of Pear OS 8, and since I've used Ubuntu on & off since about late 2009 to mid 2010 I felt at home with the style of Ubuntu, I've also been an on and off Linux user since about 2006/7 and used to love using Suse Linux then OpenSuse, but once the default Desktop Environment in OpenSuse KDE added the Plasma Desktop (Widgets) and made them unable to be switched off fully& then the way that there was 2 different Network Managers making it hard for new users or users returning to OpenSuse from a different Distro virtually impossible to get online. Also the Ubuntu Forums are very well laid out and the users are very knowledgeable and friendly compared to the poorly laid out but equally as  knowledgeable and friendly OpenSuse Forums.

 The reasons for my move away from Windows 8.1 Pro to Ubuntu Linux 13.10

I decided to move away from Windows 8.1 Pro to Ubuntu 13.10 due to an annoyance that seems to have popped up with the inability burn Audio CD's from both iTunes & Windows Media Player, which is annoying when I want to burn Audio CD's to play in the car, also the Metro UI Modern UI has made Windows Bloated and Annoying to use at times, especially when you want to do something quick.





  1. Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy will be released on October 17th. Hope it will come with lot of improvements and features than Ubuntu 13.04 Raring and the previous versions. Everybody are curiously waiting to see what Ubuntu 13.10 will offer to Ubuntu lovers. Ubuntu 13.10 Final beta is already out a week before.

  2. Ubuntu 13.10 is already out and has been out for over a month now 14.04 is the next version due for release in April of next year.



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