Wednesday, 4 December 2013

My Move From Windows 8.1 Pro With Media Centre To Ubuntu 13.10 (Part 7)


In this part I go through some of the hardware that's advertised as Windows or Windows/Mac only that works in Ubuntu Linux & presumably in other Linux distributions.

Hardware Known To Be Working

  • Kodak ESP 1.2 AIO Printer, the Printer side of the Kodak ESP 1.2 definitely works under Ubuntu 13.10, but the Printer Driver that needs to be used is the Kodak Hero 3.1 AiO one.

  • Microsoft LifeChat LX-2000 Headset, the Headset works as it's a simple Headset with 3.5mm Headphone Jacks for the Microphone & the Headphones.

  • Generic Wireless Lazar Mouse, as with all mice a generic Wireless Lazar Mouse works out of the box without needing any drivers.

  • Kodak ESP 1.2 AIO Printer Photocopier, the Photocopier portion of the Kodak ESP 1.2 AIO Printer works as it employs an internal interface between the Flatbed Scanner & the Printer for Photocopying.

  • Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 USB Headset works perfectly fine once the LX-3000 Headphones & Microphone are selected in Sound Settings.

  • Generic USB Webcam with Microphone, the Webcam works fine even the 6 LED lights can be turned on and off. The Microphone works fine as it uses a separate Microphone cable with 3.5mm Jack.

  • Thrustmaster Ferrari Challenge Wheel works with no problems or additional software required.

Hardware Unknown If Working Or Not

  • Kodak ESP 1.2 AIO Printer Scanner, I don't tend to do any Scanning so I'm not sure if the Scannin side of the Printer works or not.

Not Working

I've so far not come across any Hardware that's not working.


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