Saturday, 7 December 2013

My Move From Windows 8.1 Pro With Media Centre To Ubuntu 13.10 (Part 10)

Ubuntu-1310 In this part I'll conclude the Video Editing and Scree Capture series with Web Cam Video Capture, and talk about two Web Cam tools I've got installed, Cheese Webcam Booth & GTK UVC video viewer.

Cheese Webcam Booth

Cheese Webcam Booth is a simple Webcam video recorder & photo taking app. Cheese is ideal for recording videos & taking photos only and has a number of video & photo effects and has a burst photo mode, but if you want to overlay video onto a Screen Recorder session then its not ideal as it has got a UI that shows all the options & time stamp for video recording.

GTK UVC video viewer

GTK UVC video viewr is a better option for working with Webcam video as it has a separate Video window & tools meaning that you can use it to record video from your Webcam, take pictures with your Webcam or just minimize the controls window and have the video window open during a Screen Recorder Session that you can have Webcam footage showing while showing the applications etc, this is ideal for making video tutorials or OS reviews. GTK UVC video viewr is the most flexible and powerful of the two Webcam tools that I've talked about here and I've not had a play with GTK UCV video viewr so I'm not sure what it's fully capable of.


The probably the easiest & most powerful selection of tools has to be:

  1. Kazam for Screen Recording & Screenshot taking.

  2. GTK UVC video viewer for working with a Webcam.

  3. HandBrake for Video Conversion.

  4. KdenLive for video editing.

With the 4 tools I've mentioned in the list  above you'll be able to do pretty much anything for YouTube or any other distribution way you want. As I mentioned at the end of the last part YouTube is your best bet in learning everything that you could possibly need to use the above tools to their full potential


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