Sunday, 2 February 2014

Living With The Acer C720 Chromebook for A Month (Part 6)

google-chromebook-logo   When it comes to playing music in Chrome OS is handled by Play music, although locally stored music can be played as well. Other streaming services such as Spotify can be used for listening to music,but if you live in a country that is covered by the Apple iTunes Radio service you'll obviously be out of luck as iTunes isn't available on Chrome OS. If you want to use local storage you'll probably not get much of a choice of music on the 16GB of internal storage, especially if you keep some videos, pictures and Documents on your internal storage. You can also use your Google Drive storage to store music, but unlike with videos I've not been able to get music to stream from Google Drive. I don't know if it was just the particular mp3 that I downloaded from my Play Music Library, but then again there really isn't a point of being able to stream music from Google Drive when you can store 2000 songs for free right in Play Music. The reason that you can stream videos from Google Drive is that the Google Play Movies & TV app doesn't support the upload of videos.


If you combine Google Play Music with a streaming service such as Spotify you'll have a decent portable Music Player & if you connect that with the video capabilities it becomes a solid all round media player.

The size of the speakers in the Acer C720 may be small but they're loud, and don't distort at full volume.




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