Sunday, 23 March 2014

Chrome OS Build 35.0.1883.2 Developer Channel

google-chromebook-logoThe Chrome OS Build 35.0.1883.2 Developer Channel includes new features some of which are carried over from the Chrome OS 34 build on the Developer Channel.

New features

  1. 3 finger Expose ( this feature has been around a while when pressing the Window Switcher key, but now the ability to swipe up on the Trackpad will bring up the open window spread, while swiping down will put all windows back how they were). This new Trackpad gesture is far more convenient than having to press the Window Switcher key when you want to switch between open Windows.

  2. Multi-Profile support is currently in testing, this allows you to run Multiple-Profiles in the same Desktop session without having to login to the other Profile, the only useful use for this feature is to be able to check Multiple GMail Accounts at the same time.

  3. A new Wallpaper API is available to allow Application Developers to create new Apps that allow you to customize the Chrome OS Desktop how you want it.

  4. Black & White Web Page History, this feature renders previously visited webpages in Black & White when you do a 2 finger Horizontal swipe on the Trackpad (but I've been unable to get this new feature of the 2 finger Horizontal swipe gesture to work on the new Developer Channel build).

  5.  Quick App Info, this feature allows you to see App permissions from the Right Click Menu ( currently hidden behind a Chrome flag).

  6. Android Style On-Screen Keyboard, This feature is only useful if you're rocking a Touch-screen device such as the Google Chromebook Pixel or Acer C720-P Touch-screen Chromebooks & could also be a hint towards a future Chrome OS Table.

  7. App Launcher Folders, this feature is useful if you want to Organize your App folder (especially if you want to keep all your Google Drive Office Applications altogether).

  8. New look Chrome OS Audio Player that has a speech bubble style pop-out from the Shelf instead of the box pop-out of the earlier version.

  9. Chromecast Streaming fix, this fix allows Chrome Tabs to be streamed to a Chromecast enabled TV even when the lid of a Chromebook is closed.

  10. Transparent App Windows Dropped, Google has dropped Transparent Application Windows borders in favour of the gray Maximized border. Ether Google are facing a Copyright Law suit from Microsoft due to the Transparent Window borders looking Windows Aero-esque or they want to move away from an Aero styled Desktop & Develop their own style.


With these new features being added to Chrome OS in the Developer Channel build of Chrome OS 35, it's making Chrome OS a serious alternative to a Traditional Desktop OS, but as always none of the features in the Dev Channel are guaranteed to make it to the Beta Channel or as with the webpage history changes in the previous Dev Channel Chrome OS 34 build they're not even guaranteed to make it to the next Dev Channel build.



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