Friday, 11 April 2014

RollApp Adds The Ability To Use LibreOffice And More For Chrome OS Users (Follow up)


It's just over 1 month since I first reviewed RollApp and I've decided to re-visit the LibreOffice Chrome Apps from RollApp and compared to when I originally tried them they seem to be a lot more stable and actually work like they're supposed to. The one little annoyance is the introduction of a video ad trying to get you to subscribe to individual RollApp Applications for 99c a month or all RollApp apps for $6.99 a month, but I'll take this little annoyance for access to working LibreOffice Applications over no ad's and broken LibreOffice Applications.

GIMP Image Editor


After a positive experience with the LibreOffice Applications I thought I'd give the GIMP Image Editor App a try, so I downloaded the Chrome App for the  GIMP Image Editor RollApp App only to have  a less that expected experience as after the short ad and the Application Splash Screen it just dumps back to the Chrome OS Desktop.

After doing a quick search for the GIMP Image Editor on the RollApp website I discovered that the GIMP Image Editor isn't available on RollApp despite the fact there is a GIMP on RollApp Chrome Application available in the Chrome Web Store which seems rather strange.


Since the first time I tried RollApp it's come along way and gives Chrome OS users more choice of Applications to use, even though a lot are run via the RollApp website with only LibreOffice Writer, Calc & Impress along with openOffice Impress being available as downloadable Chrome Applications.

The only downside to using the RollApp Chrome Applications is that you can only save to Google Drive and not have the ability to save to your local storage, which is no big deal, but if you save a lot of files then you'll eat into your Google Drive Storage. As long as you remember to download and re-upload in google Docs formats any files that you're expecting to keep for a long time should minimize any high Google Drive usage.



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