Thursday, 17 April 2014

Programming In Chrome OS Choices



If you're a Programmer and use Chrome OS you've got a choice of applications that you can use.


Text is a simple text editor, it has line numbering and syntax highlighting. Text is ideal for anyone who prefers to Code in a minimalistic environment .

With Text there is no Debugging menu or on the fly Compiling to test your Code.

Text can also be used as a simple notepad as well.


Nitrous.IO is a basic IDE for Ruby On Rails, node.js, Python & GO along with C/C++. Nitrous.IO uses a subscription model if you want to create more programs than what you get with a free account.

Nitrous.IO isn't one of the best designed IDE's around as it's a very basic IDE.

Neutron Drive

Neutron Drive is as fully featured IDE that allows you to program in a large range of languages, and is ideal for any type of project that you might want to create.

best of all Neutron Drive is free, but as of writing I'm unable to find Neutron Drive in the Chrome Store.


Neutron Drive is probably the best programming app in the Chrome web Store, Neutron Drive seems to be hidden if you do a search from the Chrome Store homepage but a link is available from the Neutron Drive website, here is the neutron Drive Chrome Store listing.

There are other programming environments available on Chrome /Chrome OS, but this is just a small selection of what I've ether had installed in the past or currently got installed.



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