Monday, 21 April 2014

WeVideo - Video Editor & Review



WeVideo - Video Editor & Maker is similar to the old Windows Live Movie Maker, it has a simple UI that anyone can find their way around.

[caption id="attachment_2069" align="aligncenter" width="300"]WeVideo Timeline & UI WeVideo Timeline & UI[/caption]


You can upload your finished videos to Google Drive, instaGram, flicker, facebook, Dropbox,  Picasa, box & SkyDrive OneDrive. YouTube uploading is notably missing, so if you want to upload to YouTube you'll have to download your video from Google Drive & then upload to YouTube. The long-winded YouTube uploading isn't ideal, but it gives you more flexibility when it comes to uploading to YouTube.

I've not had much of a play with WeVideo yet but it works extremely well on my Acer C720 Chromebook, but then again the short video that I recorded using WeVideo didn't give my Chromebook that much of a workout.


The WeVideo - Video Editor & Maker is probably the best Cloud Video Editor on the Chrome Store, as it's got the highest Star rating out of all the Video Editors on in the Chrome Store.

I'll do a follow-up post at some point in the future as I'll need to have a good play with WeVideo before I can post a more in-depth review.




  1. Hi Roland, thanks for writing this piece.

    Quick note: You can upload raw media to build your story from places like Flick, Dropbox etc.

    When you finish your video you can publish/export it to places like Vimeo, DropBox, Google Drive or YouTube. See the tutorial here:


  2. Hi, thanks for the comment.

    I like publicizing any web apps that I find will be or are useful to me, especially when it comes to chrome OS Devices, because as a Chromebook user I find that some of the great free services that are available need more exposure, even free to us in full with Premium Upgrades like WeVideo.

    I didn't realize it was possible to to share to YouTube when I did the Article as I'd only had a quick play and used my Chromebooks webcam. I'll add the upload & share amendments when I write my full review.

    What's the file formats for videos that you need to upload, or is that in the tutorial?

  3. Thanks Roland. We support different file formats. You can read more about them here:

  4. Hi I've bookmarked that page for future reference.

    I't looks like I'll be able to re-encode my Game Of Thrones collection to something that I can play on my Chromebook once I find the HDD that it's on now I've started using this service, .mkv is very rarely supported by many video players including the Chrome OS video player.



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