Thursday, 29 May 2014

Hacking Into Peoples Email Accounts: What's The Point?


After having to change the Password on my main Google Account that I use for some personal Email, my Google+ Profile, my YouTube Account, my Google Drive Account & ultimately use as the only user Account for my Chromebook due to suspicious activity caught by Google I thought I'd write this Article.

Basically what's the point of attempting to hack into someone's personal Email Account(s), it's not like anyone's going to have anything of interest in their personal Email or Google Drive Account that's worth stealing by a hacker unlike Corporate Email and possibly Google Drive that's likely to have Contact details of employees and clients along with confidential documents.

The only real benefit of hacking into someone's Email Account is for the contacts lists that open up a huge resource of people to send Spam email to, and by gaining control of the hacked Email Accounts people who receive the Spam are going to think it's from the person who's on the sender line of the Spam Email and its also not going to get caught by Email Spam filters as it's not from a known Spam Email Address.

I've already lost my first Email Account I set up due to hackers gaining control of it and changing all the security details to something they can control even without me getting any notification that it's been changed (that was back in 2009/10 and Microsoft didn't help in any way even though the changed security details were Microsoft Accounts and my Account was a Microsoft one).

The attempted Hack & potentially hijack of my Google Account isn't even the first time in years that it has happened, as a few weeks ago I had an attempt on my Account. But it looks like Microsoft have beefed up the security of  Microsoft Accounts as I got notification of the attempted hack and can change my password.

The beefed up security & hack/hijack prevention from Microsoft & possibly Google (I've never had anyone try to break into my Google Account before) might be in some part due to the fact that Windows now relies heavily on a Microsoft Account instead of local User Accounts although you can still use local User Accounts in Windows 8, and Chrome OS fully relies on a Google Account with no local User Accounts being possible.

hacking into and then hijacking Email Accounts by Spammers is ultimately senseless as eventually they'll just control all Email Accounts and end up Spamming their own hijacked Accounts.



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