Friday, 30 May 2014

Apple Buys Beats Electronics


Apple yesterday confirmed that it is buying Beats Electronics for $3 billion (£1.8 billion approx), Beats Electronics are the company that teamed up with HTC for a line of beats Audio Android Phones. When HTC dropped the beats Audio line last year in favour of their newly developed Boom Sound that first appeared in the HTC One M7, Beats then developed the Subscription based streaming music service beats music which is currently only available in North America at present like Apples own iTunes Radio.


What will the Apple purchase of Beats Electronics mean for beats by dr. dre?

What will the Apple purchase of Beats Electronics mean for the beats by dr. dre Headphone line? The beats by dr. dre line, as the Headphones come at a Premium Price. A pair of Apple Ear Pods cost $41.89 (£25.00), but once the Apple takeover of Beats is complete and the now as standard Ear Pods get phased out in favour of  beats will Apple

A) Reduce Beats Headsets to around the same price as the current Ear Pods.

B) Have Beats Headsets at the current price of Beats Headphones.

C) Increase Beats Headphones while pricing Beats Headsets at the same price as Beats Headphones.

Personally I can see Apple pricing Beats Headphones at a higher price than what they're currently priced and ether price the Headset versions for use with FaceTime Audio & Video calls on iPods, iPads & iPhones & normal voice calls on iPhones at around $84 (£50) mark, since the old Headset that was used since the original iPod all the way up to and including the iPhone 4S used to be around the $25 (£15) mark until they got discontinued with the introduction of the Ear Pods that were released with the iPhone 5.

I've got a HTC beats by dr. dre Headset that I bought on eBay for around $84 (£50) in 2012 as well as several pairs of pre Ear Pod Apple Headphones from a first gen iPod Shuffle, a first gen iPod Nano & a second or third gen iPod Touch as well as a pre Ear Pod Headset from my iPhone 4S and an Ear Pod Headset that I got off eBay for around $25 (£15) and I prefer the quality of the HTC beats by dr. dre Headset over the Apple Ear Pods or the Apple Headset, but the Apple Ear Pods are better than the Apple Headset.

If Apple can make a beats by dr.dre Headset with the Apple  mic remote that's comparable to my HTC beats by dr. dre Headset for around the same price as the current Ear Pods then I'd get a pair even if I have to wait until they're available on eBay.

The Beats Acquisition could boost Apple into the premium Headset market as their current Ear Pod Headset even though it's better than the old Headset it still feels cheap with it coming from a company that's known for making quality Premium devices.

Have your say about what the future holds for Beats Audio & the beats by dr. dre brand now that Apple have bought them in the comments bellow.



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