Saturday, 31 May 2014

Touchpad Bug Introduced In Chrome OS 35 Stable & Beta


The latest version of Chrome OS 35 Stable and Beta has introduced a Touchpad bug that's ranging from tap to click not functioning to the Touchpad having erratic behaviour. there's been comments of the various erratic and malfunctioning behaviour of the Touchpad on OMG Chrome.


I've not suffered any issues with the tap to click feature of the Touchpad not responding, but this morning I did suffer from erratic behaviour of the Touchpad. I was then having issues that lead me to do a reboot of my Acer C720 Chromebook to attempt to back-up my Downloads folder and do a Power Wash to see if that fixed it, but the reboot seemed to fix it and I've not had any Touchpad issues since.

Google are reportedly going to release a fix for this, whether this will get fast tracked straight to Stable and Beta or if it's going to have to go all the way through the Development cycle from Canary to Dev to Beta and to Stable is anyone's guess, but since this is only affecting Stable and Beta due to the fact that Dev is more advanced in version numbers and Canary is so far advanced that I highly doubt that it'll be affected.

Expect to see an Update soon, or since Chrome OS silently Updates on boot don't expect to see the update as such, unless you don't shutdown your Chromebook all that often then you'll actually see the Update in the System tray, & my experience of Updates when I was running Dev then expect to also have a little lag of the mouse pointer until you reboot.


Since originally posting this Article the Chrome OS Beta has received a big bump in version number from version 35.0.1916.116 beta to version 36.0.1985.35 beta. There's no word on what the new features are in this version, so I can only assume that it's to fix the Touchpad bug.

If you're using Chrome OS Stable and receive an update then please leave a comment, also feel free to leave a comment if you're running chrome OS Beta and find anything of note.


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