Monday, 18 August 2014

Powermat Wireless Charging Kit For iPhone 4/4S Review


After using the Powermat Wireless charging kit for iPhone 4/4S for a week and a day, it's changed the way that I use my iPhone 4S as I don't have to remember to plug it in to charge it or un-plug it when I need to go out. All I have to do now is just place it in the charging dock to charge it and take it out of the charging dock when I use it or go out.

Other than the sheer convenience of not being tethered to the mains while charging and having to remember to un-plug it when I go out it seems to charge my phone a lot quicker than using a wired charger, which means I don't have to worry about running out of power while out if I've put it on charge before going out and it not getting a decent charge. The audible sound when placing the phone in and removing the phone from the charger is handy when I've got my phone on silent as I know when it's started charging.

The size of the charging dock means that it's compact and doesn't take up much space, as it's only slightly larger than the phone, this means that it won't take up much space on a desk, bed side table, Coffee table or any table at side of where you sit, unlike traditional iPhone docks that tend to have speakers e.t.c. built-in and tend to take up a lot of space. The built-in cable management on the plug means that you don't have any cables to get tangled up, this is a really handy feature that comes into its own if you've got your charger on say a kitchen counter where the cable could easily get damaged if not wrapped up.

The Powermat Wireless charging system is really a good idea and it's really a shame that the QI Wireless charging standard is more widely used as the QI charging mats need you to place your phone in exactly the right place to get it to charge, where as with the Powermat standard you just drop it into the dock and it works. There are QI style charging mats for the Powermat standard, but with the Powermat case you get stickers that you place on the mat to help you correctly place your phone.


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