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Skullcandy UpRock Un-boxing

Skullcandy Logo
Skullcandy Navy & Gold

I was looking for some on the ear headphones for YouTube viewing on my Laptop, Phone & Tablet, Podcast listening on my Phone, Music listening on my Laptop, Phone & Tablet & some light gaming on my Windows Laptop as I usually use my Microsoft LifeChat headset for extended gaming and after watching many YouTube videos I decided on the Skullcandy UpRock or JVC  HA-S44X Xtreme Xplosives. After looking at both pairs of headphones I decided on the Skullcandy UpRock's as the size of the JVC Xtreame Xplosives were a little on the large side for any kind of use other than at home.

I really wanted the Navy & Gold UpRock's that I'd seen on the Argos website (a UK retail chain) and was a little disappointed that they were out of stock as they were reported to have been an Argos exclusive colour, so I settled on a choice of the UpRock Rasta's, UpRock in Black or the UpRock Space, while out I went into my closest B&M Store (a UK discount retailer) and saw that they had got the UpRock's for £9.99 in both the regular & with Mic versions.

I was tempted to get the UpRock's with Mic until I realized that they were in a sort of Plum Pink, so I decided to get the Navy regular UpRock's which to my amazement were intact the Navy & Gold version that Argos had advertised as being an Argos exclusive colour. So here's my un-boxing.


The box is kind of unique design as it has the feel of a box that would contain headphones in the price range of Beats by dr.dre, Soul by Ludacris or Streets by 50 and not of a pair of headphones in the budget category.

Boxed Skullcandy UpRock's
Boxed Skullcandy UpRock's

The bottom of the box has a rip strip opening but is still surprisingly well sealed shut. once open it revivals the  cable of the headphones and a documentation leaflet.

Opened box revealing the Cable & Documentation leaflet
Opened box revealing the Cable & Documentation leaflet

The cable of the UpRock's is fixed into the headphones & is non removable like many of the budget headphones on the market, but surprisingly it's a flat tangle free cable and has a soft touch feel to it with an unusual elongated plug allowing it to be easily removed, but the shape of the plug might not fit in a phone that's in a case like the Lunatik Taktik Extreme or any other shock or weatherproof case without the use of an extension cable.

Documentation leaflet.
Documentation leaflet.

The documentation leaflet just basically has a few warning information on it in various languages and is nothing of any real interest.

UpRocks out of box still in packaging.
UpRock's out of box still in packaging.

Now onto the UpRock's themselves. They are lightweight and covered in a soft touch feeling coating with a matt gold metallic looking Scullcandy logo on the arms where they enter the cups creating a hinge to allow the cups to move, the headphones don't extend very much but for me I don't need to extend them to fit my head comfortably. The ear pads are soft and then unusually the covered ear pads are covered in material instead of having the material under the ear pads, the ear pads have the Skullcandy logo on them along with Skullcandy being embossed on the under side of the headband.

They have a clicking plastic sound when shaken, but then for a pair of headphones made of plastic that are normally priced at £24.99 including the Skullcandy web store then this can be forgiven.

I'll have a full review coming up in the following days or weeks, once I've had the chance to use them over a long period.


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