Wednesday, 10 September 2014

MultCloud Review

After using MultCloud for quite some time since I wrote my initial impressions Article, I thought it was about time that I wrote my review of MultCloud. So read on for my full review and verdict

MultCloud is a very nice and convenient way to access all of your Cloud Storage Accounts from one central location, but as a long term Google Drive user (since it first started) and a Chrome OS user since December (Chromium OS) and a Chromebook user since January I find it hard to get into the habit of using MultCloud on a regular basis as it's not as intuitive to go on the MultCloud website as it is to just access all my files stored on Google Drive directly from the Chrome OS files app.

If the MultCloud Developers created a dedicated web app for their service it would be more convenient than having to go to the website to access all my Cloud Storage accounts. The real problem for me is not being able to access my Cloud Storage accounts set-up on MultCloud from within the Chrome OS files app, this isn't the fault of the MultCloud Developers, as it's not possible for them to implement this kind of integration without Google allowing third-party access to the Files app (even something as simple as a way to add the URL's of all your Cloud Storage Accounts within the Chrome OS Settings app).

MultCloud is definitely a Cloud Storage service that you should try if you've got multiple Cloud Storage Accounts, as you may find it easy to get on with especially if you use other OS's or even Chromium or Chrome OS.


MultCloud is a very good Cloud Storage Service, and all the time that I've been using it, but for me it just doesn't fit in with my current workflow that I've got used to since December as it's what I've got used to on a daily basis and I'm not knocking MultCloud because of this. I just simply discovered MultCloud at the wrong time as I'd already built up a workflow that I'd gotten used to over many months of using it.

I would definitely recommend MultCloud to anyone looking to consolidate all of their Cloud Storage Accounts into one, and will definitely keep coming back to MultCloud to see if I can actually get used to using something different to what I've gotten used to, and if Google gives third-party access to the Chrome OS Files app in the future then it'd be the one thing that gives MultCloud something useful to Chromebook users.


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