Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Using Chrome Remote Desktop For Gaming In Chrome OS


In earlier Articles I've talked about using Chrome Remote Desktop for using Windows Programs in Chrome OS and for using Microsoft Visual Studio in Chrome OS. While wanting to use Windows Programs in Chrome OS is a slightly more mainstream than wanting to use Microsoft Visual Studio in Chrome OS, there is one area of Computing that's not fully covered by Chrome OS equivalent web Apps is Gaming & this is where Chrome Remote Desktop really comes into its own, there's no performance issues for playing built-in Windows Games, more advanced games might have a problem unless you've got a Multi-Core CPU, a dedicated Graphics Card and lots of RAM.

I've not had much time to experiment with Gaming through Chrome Remote Desktop, and will do a follow-up Article when I've had chance to experiment with Gaming via Chrome Remote Desktop, but doing the standard stuff like Programming and using Windows Programs on my aging Toshiba Laptop via my Acer C720 Chromebok via Chrome Remote Desktop is as smooth as using my Toshiba Laptop directly even when connecting over a 3G connection, but Gaming will need a high-speed connection that is as stable as your WiFi connection if you want to successfully Game using Chrome Remote Desktop over the Internet.


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