Saturday, 18 October 2014

Blogger iOS App Rant

After downloading the Blogger iOS App onto my iPhone 4S to allow me to write Buzz Nations Articles while I've not got access to my Laptop I felt I had to vent my dismay the UI and Keyboard still the pre-iOS 7 style, and with iOS 8 out I'm surprised that one of Googles own Apps hasn't been updated for iOS 7+.
 With iOS 8 being out for a little over a month and receiving two minor updates and a major update getting released on Monday I'm a little surprised to find that it's still not received an update since its last update in June of last year and it still has got

Pre-iOS 7 UI Style of the Blogger App

Pre-iOS 7 Keyboard Style of the Blogger App

With how long iOS 7 and it's flat UI and Keyboard Style has been out, & iOS 8 being out for just over a month I'm surprised that a big Developer hasn't updated their App to the iOS 7 Style, and this makes me a little worried that come Wednesday that I'll possibly have trouble with it with features such as third-party Keyboards.

At least the Keyboard is now the new style iOS 8 Keyboard and not the pre iOS 7 one that was the default one when using iOS 7, so it looks like Apple have removed anything that allowed developers to access the older style Keyboard in iOS 8 & third-party Keyboards work fine, it's just a shame that Google hasn't updated Blogger to make use of the new flat design that started with iOS 7 and continues into iOS 7.

Rant over


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