Monday, 24 November 2014

2.4 GHZ Wireless Mini Keyboard & Mouse Review

I got the 2.4 GHZ Wireless Mini Keyboard to make using my Chromebook at my desk easier as I can use the Keyboard and Mouse on the Keyboard tray of the desk instead of using the Chromebooks own Keyboard & Trackpad which is uncomfortable due to it being on a Laptop Riser that I'll review next.

The Keyboard is a standard island style Keyboard that is used on most modern Laptops including Chromebooks and Apple desktops. The Keyboard is a standard Windows layout with all the extra keys that you would expect from a Windows Keyboard.

For use with Chrome OS all of the Keys work as expected, the Caps Lock Key works as Caps Lock & the Windows Key works as the Chrome OS Search Key, the Delete Key works as Delete. The only Keys that don't work as they should are the Media Control Keys that are under the Fn Key on the F1-10 Keys.

To use the F1-10 Keys you really need to print off the Keyboard Layout by Googling for it and printing it out. The Keys are really solid and have more of a Mechanical feel about them than the what you get from Island style Keyboards. The supplied Keyboard protector does the job well and adds just the right amout off flex that using the Keyboard for an extended amount of time won't hurt your fingers.

The Mouse is of a mini variety and is nothing special as it's just a run of the mill optical mouse with left & right buttons and a scroll wheel that also acts as a third mouse button. Compared to the Wireless mouse that I was using previously it feels a little on the small side, but I'll have to try using the Keyboard on it's own with my other Wireless mouse even though it means having to give up a USB Port for another 2.4 GHZ dongle.

The 2.4 GHZ dongle for the kit sits in the bottom of the mouse for safe keeping if you decide to take them on the road with you (also this is where you will find the dongle when you take the kit out of the box. The Keyboard uses two AAA batteries while the mouse uses one AAA battery,

In the box you'll also find a little instruction leaflet as well as the Keyboard, in the kit that I got there were no included batteries but other sellers may include batteries.

For a link to the kit I got please see my Desk Setup November 2014 Article.


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