Monday, 8 December 2014

Acer C720 Keyboard Protector Review

I purchased a generic Keyboard Protector from eBay on Black Friday for my Acer C720 to protect its Keyboard when I use my C720 as a Desktop replacement as I use the built in 11.6" screen as a monitor so it leaves the Keyboard open to get dust particles inside, as well as when I'm on the road and suing it on my knee it again protects from dust particles and liquid splashes.

The protector is like any Laptop Keyboard protector that you can find for MacBooks. the protector is made from a semi-transparent silicone with Black Key Caps with white printed Keyboard letters, numbers, symbols & Chrome OS specific Keys.

The protector does its job perfectly despite having to mentally convert some of the keys to British QWERTY layout from US QWERTY layout namely the at Symbol (@) and double quotes (") as the protector comes in US QWERTY Layout only. As my Wireless Keyboard has the US QWERTY Layout and not the British QWERTY Layout I've gotten used to mentally swapping the two symbols over all the time anyway.

Acer C720 with Keyboard Protector partially applied
With the Keyboard Protector applied it gives the keys a slightly spongy feel meaning that a lot of typing isn't going to hurt your fingers, as well as adding a better feeling of travel to the keys & I feel like I can type faster with the Keyboard Protector applied than without it due to the soft touch nature of the keys when using the Protector.


I'd definitely recommend a Keyboard Protector to anyone who uses their C720 a lot or for anyone who uses their C720 as a Desktop Replacement and the built in screen as a monitor.


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