Sunday, 7 December 2014

iPearl mCover For Acer C720/C720P Chromebook Follow-up (Part 3)

This will be my final Follow-up on this subject as the matter has been resolved satisfactory.

I received this comment from iPearl Europe on my last Article in this Follow-up series.

Hi Roland,
We are sending a new set of Acer 720 case to you, if you have not received, it's probably on the way, but it's coming...

and here is my reply to there comment.

Ok thanks. 

The comment from iPearl came on Thursday the 4th of December when I wrote the Article and my reply was on Friday the 5th of December. From the comment by iPearl Europe I wasn't sure what to expect to receive in the Post, but today Sunday the 7th of December I received two lots of mail which was a shock in itself as there isn't normally any post on Sundays.

My first piece of post I'll be reviewing tomorrow, that leaves me with the second piece of mail that I received today which is what this Article is about. I received from iPearl Europe a complete replacement mCover in Orange like my original, and I'm not talking about a complete replacement base but a complete full replacement mCover base and lid. For which I'm grateful to iPearl as I wasn't expecting anything other than a replacement supporting foot.


Would I now recommend iPearl and the mCover for the Acer C720/C720P Chromebook again. I'd definitely recommend iPearl again, and despite the short comings regarding the suitability in the design of the base of the mCover especially in the design of the plastic plate that acts as a tension spring for the supporting foot to hold it in place when it's folded up.

If you're going to be folding the supporting foot up and down on a regular basis then I'd be a little careful and try not to have to use the fold out supporting feet a lot, which defeats the purpose of having them in the first place.

If you're like me and use your C720/720P in a Laptop dock on your Desk and on your knee when not  at your desk & just want an extra layer of protection while it's in your bag or on your desk as well as adding a bit of personality and customization then it's easily the best cover for your C720/C720P.

I'm glad that I got the matter of my damaged mCover resolved to my satisfaction as iPearl make easily the best cover for the Acer C720/C720P Chromebook with the mCover, in fact I think that the iPearl mCover is the only cover for the Acer C720/C720P Chromebook other than the generic Laptop/Netbook sleeves.


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