Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Putting An Old Desktop PC To Use With Linux

In this series I'll be putting an old Desktop Tower PC that I built back in the early 200's into use running More than likely Linux or possibly Window Server 2003 unless I can find drivers for al the different Motherboard Chipsets, Graphics and Audio for Windows 7, 8/8.1 or even the Windows 10 Technical Preview, as the last time I tried Windows newer than Windows XP on it was Windows Vista and I struggled to get everything to work due to none existent drivers for anything other than the Nviidia Graphics card that I installed in it.

I think at the time of building this system I pretty much maxed it out with RAM. All I know about the spec is it's an AMD Athlon XP CPU (can't remember the model) and it's got an Nvidia Graphics card in it (not sure of the model). The spec is pretty sketchy as it's been a really long time since its been my main machine and it'd be nice to put it to some use instead of it being sat under my Desk doing nothing.

Its been a while since I built a Windows machine and I'd like to do it again one day as I find it strangely relaxing doing a PC Build. But since I did this build I've got bills to pay, a wife and a son so I've got commitments that make it difficult to do a new PC Build.

If I end up with Windows XP back on this It might make a decent gaming rig for some of the games that I'm currently unable to play due to the spec of my Windows Laptop.

I'll definitely have to try and find the Power Supply for my monitor and dig the Tower from under my Desk and the Monitor from behind my Desk and boot into a Ubuntu Live DVD session and get the CPU, Memory and Graphics spec along with the Motherboard details and see what I can do with it Windows wise or if I'll definitely have to put something like Ubuntu or OpenSuse Linux on it instead.

I've not got a clue how long this series will be as I only decided to do something with mainly Linux this morning, I'm thinking that it might have to be Ubutu or OpenSuse Linux that I put on just for the support that these get compared to older Windows OS's that stop getting updates eventually.


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