Sunday, 6 September 2015

My Current Chrome OS Desktop Layout (September 2015)

After a few months away from writing Articles due to commitments that have made it hard for me to update my Blog I'm back with an update on my current Chrome OS Desktop Layout.

I've now gone to a twin display layout with My Chrome OS system, instead of having my displays side by side I've got a slight gap between them as I've not got space on my current desk layout to have my Chromebook right next to my Monitor, I know it's not the normal way of extending desktops but with my current desk layout it's the best that I can do.

Primary Display (Monitor)

My Monitor is my Primary Display and has whatever I'm working on along with my Twitter feed open. In the Screenshot above it's got the Blogger editor open along with my Twitter Feed.

Secondary Display (Chromebook Screen)

My Chromebook Screen is my Secondary Display and usually has Google Drive and whatever Email Client I need open for whatever I'm working on at the time. In the Screenshot above I've got the Google Drive App along with the Microsoft Outlook Chrome App open as I've got less personal information on display in Hotmail compared to Gmail through the Gmail App or Inbox App.

When I'm using my Chromebook as a Laptop I'll usually have only one Application on Screen and use multi-tasking to work with multiple applications at once. That doesn't mean that I'll not do the same when I'm docked to my external Keyboard and Mouse along with Monitor for the times that I need to take a break from doing my main task or project.

In the future I intend to re jig my desk setup to allow me to have my Chromebook as close as I can to the left hand side of  my Monitor and do the same with my Windows/Linux Laptop on the right hand side of my Monitor.


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