Sunday, 11 October 2015

Integrating An Xbox 360 Into an established Setup

After having my setup just the way I like it with a dual screen setup for my Chromebook & a dual screen setup for my Windows Laptop depending which system I need to use, I recently added an Xbox 360 to my setup. This is how I integrated the Xbox 360 into my setup.

Due to a limited space on my desks I had to move my Windows Laptop onto the Keyboard tray of my main desk & put the Keyboard & Mouse onto the desk so that I could place the Xbox 360 in to the spot where my Windows Laptop was. This left me with one slight problem as it meant that my Windows Laptop was now a single display setup only, but as it's running Windows 10 I've got the multiple desktop/workspace feature which makes the lack of a second screen not such a big deal.

But since my Keyboard & mouse is hooked up to my Chromebook via a USB Hub & the cable for it isn't long enough for it to reach my Windows Laptop in its new home I decided to install Google Chrome & Chrome Remote Desktop onto my Windows Laptop & remote desktop into it from my Chromebook.

Chromebook screen showing the Chrome OS Desktop.

Using Chrome Remote Desktop to access my Windows Laptop has a big advantage as it also allows me to work on something on my Chromebook using its built in display while working on something in Windows on my main display, and even have a Chrome app open on my main display.

Using Windows through Chrome Remote Desktop also has another advantage as I get both the content on my main display along with the ability to use the built in display on the Laptop as well.

Chrome Remote Desktop session into my Windows Laptop, showing both the built in & external display desktops.
An added bonus to this setup is that no only do I get a true dual screen setup from my Chromebook & a virtual dual screen of my Windows Laptop using Chrome Remote Desktop I also get all the workspaces I want within Windows meaning that I can work on as much as I want on both systems and still be able to use my Xbox at the same time, and if I so require I can use a USB Extender and flick to the Windows Laptops input on my display and use it as a single display single or multiple workspace system as well.


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