Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat Netbook Edition Release Candidate

Here are my findings after installing the release candidate of Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition as outlined in this post.

Network Manager has been given an overhaul and is now more like the signal strength meter of a cell phone when using Wireless and Mobile Broadband (don't know what it looks like when using a wired Network Connection, the Volume control has lost its cool visual appeal but that could be due to it only being a release candidate at the moment. The clock has had a major overhaul and now contains a drop down calendar when you left click on it.

The Ubuntu Menu has had an overhaul compared to the beta version that I installed in Lucid Lynx. it now has a more visual front page that takes you to the full menu if the option you click on contains more than one program.  The full Ubuntu menu is reached by clicking on the Applications option on the Launcher.

You are now no longer restricted to the Unity desktop when you install the Netbook Edition of Maverick Meerkat as you also have the option to login to the full Desktop Edition from the login screen compared to Lucid Lynx that was restricted to the Moblin Desktop unless you had installed another Desktop.

You Ideally need an always on Broadband connection that you can connect to by a wired modem, wired modem with wireless router if you have Cable Internet or a combined wireless modem router, 2.5GB of free HDD space and be plugged into the mains via your charger, you have the option to download updates and 3rd party applications during the install ( I declined these options as I'm going to upgrade to the official release once it comes out on Sunday).  The instal takes slightly longer than with Lucid Lynx but it is nowhere as near as long as  OpenSuse 11.3 or Windows.

The next version of Ubuntu is coming soon

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