Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The Chromebook Test: Living In Google Chrome For A Month (Part 7)


After waking up to finding my Chrome Home page hijacked by a Chrome extension that I didn't even install & to a piece of Windows software that somehow managed to install itself this morning, I can't wait for the day that I can ditch Windows for Chrome OS.

What I'd like to see

I'd like to see Google make a fully functional Chrome OS or even Chromium OS available to download, as I'd then be able to ditch Windows for Chrome OS or Chromium OS for the rest of this experiment.


Windows has dropped to the level of malware in my eyes if software is able to install itself without any user knowledge & even allow Google Chrome Extensions to install themselves without any user knowledge, but yet Microsoft have the nerve to have their Scroogled campaign in the US, where in an Ad that is also an embedded video on the website they say that a Chromebook isn't a real Laptop because it doesn't run Windows and you can't install Office on it & that Google sell your information is being hypocritical since Windows seems to allow software to be silently installed without a users knowledge, also Windows is a pile of virus ridden, malware infested bloat-ware.

Linux v Chrome OS v Windows

If I could find a Linux Distribution as well designed as Chrome OS I'd switch from Windows instantly, but unfortunately I've not come across anything with the same UI style. I'd even switch to Chrome OS if I could find a Chromium OS version that can be easily installed I'd even switch to Chromium OS on my Laptop, but again I've not come across a version that can be easily installed. So it looks like I'm stuck with Windows until I can afford to switch to a Chromebook.


With my first week of living entirely in Chrome coming to an end tomorrow, I'm really liking the idea of Chrome OS & Chromebooks especially since the randomly installed software & a randomly installed & enabled Chrome Extension that's now broken the Chrome Extension that I installed from the Chrome store, even though I've deleted the random Chrome Extension.

I'm now seriously looking forward to the day that I can ditch Windows for Chrome OS on a Chromebook, unless I can find a way to install Chromium OS on my Laptop.


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  1. Hmmm, I was wondering what was the issue/s you had with Linux?

  2. I didn't have any issues with Linux, I had to go back to Windows because I needed to use some external Hardware that's not compatible with Linux. But since writing that Article I moved onto Chromium OS which has Linux at it's heart, and now I'm using Chrome OS on an Acer C720.

  3. Thats cool, Roland. Im glad that its working out for you. Do you think you will dual-boot with a full distro of Linux anytime soon?

  4. Probably not on the Chromebook as I've got it setup how I want it & I don't fancy having to Powerwash it going into Developer mode to install Ubuntu, but I might dual boot Ubuntu & Windows 7 on the Laptop in the future.



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