Monday, 20 January 2014

The Chromebook Test: Living In Google Chrome For A Month (Part 24)


Applications in Chrome OS/Chromium OS

There are 1000's of Applications, Extensions & Themes in the Chrome Web Store and unlike Games (Also falls under Apps) they all state whether you have to buy them, unless they're subscription based where you get a free trial or limited feature free version or if they're totally free, Google really needs to bring more parity into the Chrome Web Store and display if there is a cost involved with a Game as a lot of the games what I've tried aren't free at all but are a Demo version where you have to buy the game to continue.

I've even played a game early on in my experiment in living in Google Chrome that let me get all the way to the end, but I was then unable to complete the game without purchasing, the Game is Murder Files (which I'm now unable to find).


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