Friday, 3 January 2014

The Chromebook Test: Living In Google Chrome For A Month (Part 9)


Today's post will be a short little update as I've not had much time to write a proper one today.

I've not spent much time in Chrome today as I've mostly been Gaming as well as out of the house visiting family, so not had a great deal of time to computing, but my time within Chrome is going well as I've not ventured into any Windows applications to get things done other than Gaming.

One good thing about using Chrome for everything is that I don't need to install the Printer Driver for my Kodak esp 1.2 AIO WiFi Printer as it's got Google Cloud Print built-in meaning that I can just Print from within Chrome, this is a good thing as I never got round to installing the Printer Driver when I reverted back to using Windows 7 Ultimate from Ubuntu 13.10.


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