Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Sunrise Calendar for iOS Review


After using Sunrise Calendar for iOS for a week i’ve hardly used it compared to the stock iOS Calendar.

 Sunrise Calendar on iOS is ok but compared to the stock iOS Calendar it’s a little lacking, but the biggest thing lacking from Sunrise Calendar is missing from all third-party iOS Calendars and that’s the ability to launch a third-party Calendar from the Notification Centre. This problem isn't caused by third-party Calendars not being coded properly for iOS 7 but iOS not having the ability to set a third-party Calendar as the default.

 If Apple introduced this feature it’d make iOS a little less strict than it is, but then it might cause people to move away from the stock iOS apps to third-party ones which could then introduce problems for iOS and Mac OS X users that use say Sunrise Calendar on their iOS device and the stock Calendar on their OS X computer leaving potential problems with syncing between Calendars.

 I like Sunrise Calendar in Chrome/Chrome OS, and if the iOS version had the same month view as the iOS version then I might be inclined to stay with sunrise Calendar over the stock iOS Calendar.

 Sunrise Calendar has many good features that I mentioned in my combined review, but the lack of the ability to make Sunrise Calendar as the default Calendar makes it a deal breaker for me, and I can always add my Google Account onto my iPhone to get my Google Calendar events on the stock Calendar.



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