Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Tech Air Tablet/Netbook Bag Review

I was looking for a bag to keep my HP Stream 7 Tablet, iPod Touch 5th Generation & backup Nokia Lumia 925 (backup phone) as well as there associated chargers along with the charger for my iPhone while I'm on the road. While browsing eBay I came across the Tech Air Black Netbook, iPad case for 7"- 11.6" for 7.99 GBP with free delivery.

like my Targus Slimline Netbook case that I use for my Chromebook it's a small and lightweight case with a a shoulder strap, but that's where the similarities end.

The main compartment doesn't have an elasticated Velcro strap to secure the device into the compartment, but it does have a better designed twin zip fastening that has loops to lock the compartment with a small luggage padlock, the lack of securing strap doesn't really matter for my usage as it's only going to store my Stream 7 in a pretty bulky case and up to 4 chargers then it doesn't really need securing. The front compartment has a single zip fastening but it's one large compartment without organizational compartments or pen loops, but as it's just used for storing my iPod, Nokia Lumia, my iPhone and maybe a pen, house keys and a bus, tram or even train ticket then organization doesn't really matter. Where my Laptop case has got a luggage trolley loop on the back this one has got a Velcro fastened pocket that isn't really big enough to hold anything other than a small notebook and letters. The handles on the case Velcro together to create one chunky handle making it comfortable to carry in the hand. The shoulder strap doesn't extend as much as the one for my Laptop, but the shoulder padding is a little thicker and more comfortable than the one for my Laptop. 

Where my Laptop case is brown with Orange detail and lining this one is black with light blue detail and lining.

Tech Air Tablet/Netbook Case with strap


I'd definitely recommend this case for anyone looking for a solution to carrying a Tablet, MP3 Player & Mobile phone and associated chargers, but for anyone that wants to carry a Netbook/Ultrabook, charger & accessories then one with an organizer front pocket is highly recommended unless you know that you'll have enough battery to get you through your trip. If you're a student then this case is ideal for your Netbook/Ultrabook as the lack of organisation compartments in the front pocket as it encourages you not to carry items that you don't require.


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