Wednesday, 4 February 2015

My Return To The Nokia Lumia 925

After switching from the Nokia Lumia 925 to an iPhone 4S in October 2013 I've returned back to the Lumia 925 due to poor battery life on the iPhone 4S, and the 3.5" screen of the iPhone 4S makes the 4.5" screen on the Lumia 925 seem more like a 5" screen and Windows Phone 8.1 is leaps and bounds ahead of iOS 8.1.

Not only is the 4.5" screen way better than anything on an iDevice, the ability to add Wireless charging via a simple clip on backplate that uses the 3 dots on the bottom of the battery door without the bulk of a case to add the ability like you have to with the iPhone 4S. The Tile layout of the Windows Phone Start Screen provides far more information than a simple icon does due to a feature called Live Tiles that allow information to be displayed on both the back and front of the Tile, you can think of live Tiles as being similar to Widgets in Android but unlike Android Widgets Live Tiles can be placed inside what are known as Live Folders. Live Folders allow you to add both Live Tiles & regular Tiles into folders that scroll through the Tiles that are in a Folder when closed, as well as show notification badges on any Tiles in the Folders and when open it shows both content on the front and back of Live Tiles as well as notification badges.

Through the use of Live Folders you can have a mix of Live & non Live Tiles mixed with Live Folders on your Start screen as well as having a mix of Live & non Live Tiles in Live Folders giving you more choice to organise your Start screen than what you can on Android or iOS.

The camera on the Lumia 925 beats the camera on the iPhone 4S hands down as its an 8.7 Mega Pixel camera with dual LED Flash and dedicated shutter button.

Even though the Lumia 925 is approaching 2 years old it's still a great phone with more features than what I've mentioned compared to what's available on iOS and in some cases Android.

Another cool feature that isn't available on Android or iOS is Glance that gives you a second lock screen that just has the time date or if you've got MSN Weather or MSN Health installed and set to display on your lock screen it'll display information from them as well along with notifications, if you've got the glance background app installed you can set ether your Lock screen picture or a different Lock screen picture, as the glance background pictures are low res then it's probably better to use a different one from your normal Lock screen picture like one of the limited choices in the glance background app or download a picture that's got a limited amount of colours or mainly black & white with an accent colour (Lumia Glance is nothing like HTC dot view as the information displayed on your Lock screen exactly like it looks on your Lock screen and doesn't require a dedicated case for it to work meaning that you can use glance without a case, with a wireless charging backplate or one of the many different types of cases that you can find on ebay).

After nearly 2 years away from the Lumia 925 coming back to the 925 from the iPhone 4S has shown how much the Windows Phone platform has grown with more third party & first party apps than what there were when I switched from the Lumia 925 nearly 2 years ago.


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