Thursday, 9 January 2014

The Chromebook Test: Living In Google Chrome For A Month (Part 13: Halfway There)


After living in Chrome for two weeks I'm finding it increasingly harder to switch back to using traditional Windows programs.

Since I've lived in Chrome for two weeks I've become more productive as everything I do is within a web browser any way I can't see the point in using traditional programs.

I can see why people are finding it hard to switch to Cloud Computing when for a long time the norm for an Internet Connection  was a slow 56k Dial-up connection that was knocked out when someone accidentally picked up the phone, but with always on Broadband over a phone-line or a cable Broadband Connections more common  it paves the way for lighter power friendly Ultrabooks.

I'm going to slowly upload all my none Program Installers up to my Google Drive and possibly my Microsoft SkyDrive as well creating more space on my 1TB HDD for my Google Drive & Microsoft SkyDrive Offline cache.

Halfway there conclusion

To wrap up my two weeks of living in Chrome. I like the idea of Chromebooks as they suit my needs. All I need to do now is finish off this 1 month experiment, & probably keep living in Chrome until I've got the money together to get a Chromebook.


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