Monday, 13 December 2010

Windows Live Writer 2011 vs WordPress Mobile web editor

In part V of  my series of various ways to manage your WordPress blog I'll be comparing Windows Live Writer 2011 with the Mobile Web WordPress site.

Windows Live Writer 2011 enhances the online wordpress editor by allowing you to write your posts offline.  You also have more options for the layout of your post as you can change the colour of the text or highlight text as well as select different text styles such has heading style and paragraph style embed a hyperlink, picture or video into your post.  If you need to insert a table into your post you have the ability to that along with a map or emoticon.  You can even preview what your post will look like within the application, set what date your post will be dated as posted as when you publish it, e.g if you write a post today while off line and post it tomorrow you can set the post date to be today, can’t really se much point in why you would want to set  the post date before or after you have posted it beats me.

Windows Live Writer 2011s interface is very much like Microsoft Office 2010s interface, and the tabbed editor is very much like Microsoft Office SharePoint 2010s/ the Old Microsoft Office Frontpage XP

Main Windows Live Writer 2011 Editing Screen

Blog Preview in Windows Live Writer 2011

The Windows Live Writer 2011 HTML Editor

The Windows Live Writer 2011 Insert Menu Ribbon

The Windows Live Writer 2011 Blog Account Menu Ribbon

The Menu Ribbon changes to a Web Preview one when you are in the Preview tab, the  Edit and Source Ribbon Menus are exactly the same.

List of logging services supported by Windows Live Writer 2011

As you can see from the blog service list screenshot Windows Live Writer support more than just WordPress.  This review is a comparison to the WordPress online editors as I don’t use any of the other blogging services in the list, but as Microsoft have seen a a gap in the offline blogging applications market and created Windows live Writer I’m guessing that the other blogging services online editors are lacking in features.

Windows Live Writer 2011 is part of the Windows Live Essentials 2011 pack available  from here.

The Mobile Web WordPress is just a basic text site with a series of tabbed screens.  The default one when you go on the site is the stats tab, it lists your WordPress blogs with the number of visitors for today and yesterday, the next tab is the Post tab, it has a drop down menu to select which of your blogs you want to post to, then a title text box, the post text box. the Categories text box and the tags text box and save as draft and post buttons.  The editor is more enhanced than the QuickPress widget on your blog Dashboard but it is still basic compared to the standard WordPress editor or Windows Live Writer 2011. Then there is a Bookmark tab and Logout tab.

If you want a quick way to manage the basics of your blog then I recommend the WordPress Mobile Web Dashboard.  If you want more control of your blog and the ability to create posts while offline then I recommend Windows Live Writer 2011.


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  1. When I try to use Windows Live 2011 with WordPress Mobile Pack enables, I can't publish



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