Monday, 13 December 2010

WordPress Mobile Web vs WordPress for BlackBerry

In part II of my series on the various ways to manage your WordPress blog I'll be comparing the WordPress Mobile website with WordPress for BlackBerry.

The Mobile Web WordPress is just a basic text site with a series of tabbed screens.  The default one when you go on the site is the stats tab, it lists your WordPress blogs with the number of visitors for today and yesterday, the next tab is the Post tab, it has a drop down menu to select which of your blogs you want to post to, then a title text box, the post text box. the Categories text box and the tags text box and save as draft and post buttons.  The editor is more enhanced than the QuickPress widget on your blog Dashboard but it is still basic compared to the standard WordPress editor or Windows Live Writer 2011. Then there is a Bookmark tab and Logout tab.

The WordPress for BlackBerry Application opens to a screen that lists your blogs, once in your blog you are presented with a list of options.  Posts lists your posts (only shows a maximum of 50 posts at a time) where you can view and edit your current posts or create a new post by selecting New from the pop up menu after pressing the menu button, the editor is basic but more powerful than the Mobile Web editor, you have the Title area, a place to add media, tags, categories and to mark your post as a phone draft, draft, private, pending review and published.  You can mark the post to be geo tagged or private or public, the main editing box where you write your post and finally a row of basic formatting options.

There is also an option to view, edit or create a new page, the page creation editor is exactly the same as the post editor except there are page creation options instead of geo tagging and marking as public or private.

You can also manage your blog comments as well as reply to comments in the Comments option.  The comment editor is even more basic than the post and page editor as you see the basic info of the  comment author, their comment, a space to add your reply and the basic formatting bar.

There is an option to add media along with a title, and copy the location of the media to the device clipboard.  With the basic WordPress blog you can only add Photos and Audio, if you want to add Video you have to add an upgrade package to your blog account.

The stats option shows 29 days worth of blog views along with a bar graph of the views, you can also see the stats for op Posts & Pages, Referrers, Search Engine Terms, Clicks, and Video Plays.  you can view stats for each category mentioned for 7 Days, 30 Days, Quarter, Year or All Time.

The Options Option is a basic settings page that allows you to customize the app how you want it.  The final option Refresh allows you to refresh the app.

If you are using a basic web enabled phone from Nokia, Samsung, Motorola etc. then the Web app is fine, But if you are using an iPhone, Nokia Smartphone, BlackBerry, iPad, iPod Touch or Android phone then I’d  recommend the dedicated WordPress Application.



  1. Now that youve gotten your blog up and running youre probably already writing posts but some unusual anomalies have crept into your work. Youve perhaps wondered why your text is not wrapping around your images? Or perhaps you find that you have oodles of whitespace to the right of your posts because your post text is not justified?

  2. The text is not wrapping around my images because I've only captioned the screen shots as I don't need the text to be wrapped around them. The oodles of white space is to do with how the theme that I'm using has been created and has nothing to do with the formatting of my posts, as I did not create the theme there is nothing that I can do to correct the white space problem.
    Also the post that you have commented on doesn't contain any images.




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